I am of the firm opinion that as unique as each and every one of our fingerprints are, so too is our purpose. Purpose starts in you, yet purpose isn’t just about you. When I see my purpose I will always see other people right along with it.

How do you reflect on your purpose? Your purpose talks to you through your passions, emotions, and desires, however it is not so seldom seen that people and the environment call it out. Every time the I AM factor in you rises up, it rises because it is answering and internalising a call from the external world.

Unless you are exposed to your purpose, you will never know what it is. If business were a part of your purpose for instance, you may miss out on not your purpose but also the rewards that come with it if you do not allow yourself to be exposed to business in some way, shape or form. Be sensitive to the I AM inside of you. Once you step into certain environments your purpose will respond!

In dealing with others, note that observing the I AM factor in someone else stimulates their purpose. Honour the unique I AM of your spouse, children and those around you just as you would your very own. People have this uncanny ability to shape one other. Choose who shapes you. Choose people who honour the unique purpose within you.

I encourage you to start at home. Start with the person closest to you such as your spouse or child. Ask yourself: How do I help them to bloom? What questions should I ask to bring out the I AM in them? What do I do to support their purpose? How do I celebrate their uniqueness? Surround yourself with people who do the same for you. Choose your environment; position yourself strategically.

Success has a way of dazzling those within its sight, it attracts people. Everyone recognises it no matter where it is. Success is the end result of much effort. Therefore leading a successful life is hard work: controlling your thoughts, managing your emotions, and choosing what you believe about yourself, others and the world around you! Fulfilling our purpose has the capacity to shine just as success does to the world around us!

Please remember today that my purpose connects with your purpose: It does not compete with your purpose. When we live life with that perspective, a society that cares is within our reach: one where everyone cares for the person next to them.