Miskyah-Marie Toth

CEO & Owner of Business Directive Contract Services Pty Ltd

Founder of Let’s Talk Business, Woman 4 Change and Miskyah.com.

Corporate Profile

Introducing Miskyah.com, where empowerment meets entrepreneurship. We’re dedicated to guiding and supporting passionate individuals on their journey to success. With our unique blend of strength and grace – symbolized by our iron in silk theme and eagle logo – we empower entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and soar to new heights.

Join us as we cultivate resilience, passion, and purpose in the world of business.

BDCS, a prominent player in South Africa’s business landscape, boasts a captivating story of growth and innovation. The company has established its presence and impact with a workforce exceeding thousands of employees across almost 50 locations nationally. BDCS stands as a testament to success in the realm of Temporary Employment Services (TES), positioning itself as the organisation’s heartbeat.

In a remarkable testament to their commitment to diversity and empowerment, BDCS has been honoured with the prestigious Standard Bank Award for Top Gender Empowered Company in 2024. This recognition not only underscores their dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace but also positions them as a leader in the industry. Adding to the accolades, Miskyah Toth, the company’s esteemed CEO and sole shareholder, emerged as a finalist at the prestigious Top Women of the Year Awards, further solidifying her impact and influence in the business world.

Miskyah Toth, with a diverse portfolio spanning numerous ventures, is driven by a profound passion for enabling individuals and empowering entrepreneurs. She eschews conventional labels, preferring instead to focus on the essence of her mission: providing the tools and opportunities necessary for the success of those without prior skills or resources. Through her public speaking and dedication to equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the means to thrive and succeed, she embodies a commitment to fostering innovation, creativity, and economic empowerment within communities. Her relentless pursuit of this vision is undeniably integral to her remarkable success and enduring impact in the business world, both as a leader, author, and public speaker.

What sets BDCS apart is its commitment to modernisation and employee engagement. The company takes pride in its cutting-edge Employee Self-Service (ESS) system, spearheading a paperless approach. Through the ESS app, employees can seamlessly access vital information such as leave balances, pay slips, and more. This enhances efficiency and underscores BDCS’s dedication to fostering a tech-savvy workplace.

Adding a touch of flair to the corporate experience, BDCS curates its in-house magazine, TRIBE. This publication is a vibrant platform for staff to connect, share stories, and stay informed about company happenings. TRIBE goes beyond being a mere periodical; it encapsulates the spirit and camaraderie that define the BDCS work culture.

At its core, BDCS thrives on being a Temporary Employment Services powerhouse. The company’s dynamic approach to TES meets the demands of an ever-evolving market and positions BDCS as a trailblazer in the industry. With a commitment to employee satisfaction, technological advancement, and a unique company culture, BDCS continues to carve a remarkable narrative in South Africa’s business landscape. BDCS is proudly South African.

Discover the innovative world of Miskyah Toth’s vision and explore the diverse ventures under BDCS. Dive into the cutting-edge solutions and empowering resources designed to fuel entrepreneurial success. Visit www.miskyah.com and www.bdcs.global and info@bdcs.global today to unlock a world of opportunities and inspiration.

Message To Business Owners

– Never give up, but make sure you are always current and on the right track.
– Sometimes things go wrong to send us a message we must change something or ourselves.
– Talk less, listen more.
– Let customer feedback fuel you to be better, not to give up.
– Be sensitive to your surroundings.
– Know your strengths.
– Understand the risks you take.
– Through careful planning and with a destination in mind you can lead your team to truly great things.