We are looking at I AM in other people and how to recognise it. As mentioned last week, our purpose is closely linked with other people. The interaction between my I AM, my purpose and the I AM and purpose of another person is beautiful.

Let’s look at family today, but specifically children. Knowing the I AM in you as a parent makes such a difference in your life as well as in the lives of your children! It gives you confidence in unchartered territories and situations – no matter how difficult. In order to help your child discover who they are, before anything else, it helps to know who YOU are!

When we understand and honour the fact that every person has a purpose, we will understand the value of the unique I AM in our children. We only have them for a short while and they don’t even really belong to us even though the general thought might be to the contrary. The reality is we simply steward them for a while.

Our children must grow and mature into the I AM that they are. Children are an ultimate joy, even though raising them can be challenging. They are ultimately an I AM with a purpose on this earth and we as parents need to understand that and help them to discover who they are. We can do this by first and foremost allowing them to be who they are.

Somewhere right at the beginning of this series we emphasised the fact that people make decisions based on who they are – daily decisions but also life choices! The most wonderful thing you can do as a parent is to allow them to find out who they are. It has an immense impact on their lives and although it is simple, it is not easy. Remember that it starts with you knowing who you are! Find out what your child was meant to do and not simply what you want them to do. Don’t judge them, who they are and what they are meant to do without spending time with them in THEIR environment. This will best give you an idea of who they truly and uniquely are.

When we harm the purpose and I AM in a child, we harm ourselves as well. Their purpose and I AM will ultimately impact our lives and not just theirs – negatively if they do not find out who they are and what they were meant to do or positively if they do! So let your children hear the voice of purpose and not only your voice.

The only legitimate model for raising children is to raise them in such a manner that they know who they are. If we do that, they will never stray away from it. We as parents have the power and privilege to draw out and develop this I AM in our children.

Even though we haven’t had easy times, it is wonderful to have children who live their purpose and who never stop looking, never stop digging and never stop growing in it: children that realize that the purpose inside of them is far more valuable than status, money or power.

Today, be encouraged to stimulate the I AM in your child!