About Let’s Talk Business

Let’s Talk Business is a division of Miskyah.com, focusing on the ins and outs of business. Our aim is to inspire, motivate and inform people in business. The tools we provide caters for a wide audience: if you’re in business, still planning to do so or involved in the Corporate world, it will benefit you. Miskyah, being a Business mentor herself, decided to join her skills with the day to day experiences she gained in the business arena and present it to you, as her audience in such a way, it will give you hope and insight for every day.

Too many times we do not understand the fundamentals within business, the jargon is confusing or the tools we find are complicated. Here, at Let’s Talk business we aim to simplify things for you, without taking away the seriousness of the arena we represent by equipping you for the business world.

Our tools are easy to understand and to access, whether you are on the go or you have time to sit down, we cater for all. We provide information in a variety of forms, from podcast you are able to listen to on your way to work, blogs and articles you are able to read, inspiring and informative books and more you are able to purchase and download.

Through our exciting life groups we are creating a place for likeminded business individuals to share and learn together. Miskyah has created a program for these business groups to follow and through her program an individual is able to receive the much needed mentoring that so many of us need. Imagine being able to meet with people from different industries and collaborating with each other and learning the ins and outs of business from Miskyah.

Remember, if you are the most intelligent person in the room, you are in the wrong room. Always find people you can learn from.

The first step to success is to know where you are, so let us help you find out where exactly that place is. We meet once a month, but to be successful, we will encourage you to come to every meeting. We are focusing on different aspects in business in every meeting. To join us, you don’t have to be in your own business yet, you are welcome to come and work on a plan to launch it when you are ready. When we establish order in our businesses, it will most certainly reward us with exponential growth!


1 Year = 365 Opportunities, so what are you waiting for?

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” —Colin Powell

Let us help you with tools and information to assist with the hard work to make your dream a reality.