The Puzzle Piece

Understanding who we are helps us know where we fit into the puzzle. Helen Keller understood this when she said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

How do we build a community and society that functions in a healthy manner? I passionately believe it is by encouraging the building blocks of society – people – to know and understand who they are and then help them to become that. Our purpose is important for other people, not just us. We have similarities just like puzzle pieces, but our purpose is unique. It flows from one person to the next. There is a connection between my purpose and your purpose even though there is no competition. Every person and puzzle piece has its own place and purpose, but we are intricately connected!

You, knowing who you are, impact my life. I, knowing who I am, impact your life. I sincerely believe that I will bring beauty to you and you will bring beauty to me! I believe that my purpose is not to change you and make you me. My purpose is to help you be the best you.

Know thyself… If you know your purpose you will never feel threatened by the person next to you. When we force things, and force ourselves to be someone we are not, there is always insecurity, because we have to make it work. It doesn’t just flow and often finding that flow is as simple as finding out who you are and what your purpose is.

Finding yourself the complimentary puzzle piece so to speak may be wonderful and many people I know desire this. Who am I going to choose to grow old with? There is a specific component to take into account when asking yourself that question. Even though we are all uniquely different, our purpose should be aligned and similar in some way! It has to be complementary, not competitive. That person can fill in and give strength where I am weak and a harmonising purpose is necessary to stay aligned and together.

The cycle of divorce and disintegrating families can be broken! Let’s train and teach our children to know who they are. Let’s break the cycle of incomplete people who compete with one another and change it to complete people who complement one another! “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”