Our season finale! Returning and rediscovering the I Am in us has been an adventure with quite a few surprises, challenges and triumphs. We considered a tiny baby – when a baby is born, there is nothing that interferes with who they are. There are no fears, regrets, faulty perceptions or uncertainties. They are what they are. As years go by people, places and events influence them. They become unrecognizable. They forget who they are.

This series’ purpose was to inspire and guide them – inspire and guide us – back to I Am. Let’s get back to who we are – to that beautiful and perfect purpose we were born with.

We had a look at finger prints. Your finger print is a unique description of who you are. It is a marvel how many unique descriptions can fit onto such a small space as the tip of a finger. There has never been a shortage of finger prints. Every person that has passed away, that is living right now, and still to be born each own a unique finger print.

Many people question life as if it is unfair. But life is perfectly fair. It is people who treat people unfairly. Life has nothing to do with it. Each one of us has a unique finger print, a unique opportunity to create a life worth living. We breath the same air. We have the exact same amount of time at our disposal. We each have strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and threats.

The journey back to I Am seems daunting. But it is not impossible. Some of us feel so far removed from who we truly are. Be encouraged. As the old adage goes: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The next time you are faced with making a decision, and you hear a quiet voice speaking to you, listen. Maybe you just don’t feel comfortable and you can’t explain it. The more you stay true to who you are, the easier it becomes.

I want to hear from you! What does your journey back to I Am look like? I can’t wait to hear!