What does fear have to do with I Am?

Fear is perhaps the main issue that constrains who we really are. It keeps us from going where we need to go and what we were destined for.

Today there are multitudes of new opportunities and wonderful adventures to go on. But fear keeps most of us at bay.

Fears from our past, like rejection, can make a deep impact on us and become part of our personality. Some people walk around in life with fear as their constant companion. Not realizing that fear is their worst enemy. It creates a certain kind of response. It makes us cower and hide – never taking even calculated risks.

Often we are the lion yet we live like bugs. This kind of life is produced by a lack of knowledge – the fear of the unknown. Our movement, our creativity and our thinking are imprisoned by fear.

And it is something every last one of us faces. Fear will never produce victory.

What are we doing about it? We need to deal with fear. Make the decision and be brave. Make the choice – to be deeply acquainted with the I Am in you. Go back and find out who you are. Fear will make you weak. Our opponent knows when there is fear. One fear leads to another and before you know it you are shackled a hundred times over and stuck in a prison of your own making. Remind yourself, as Churchill once did, that fear is a reaction, but courage is a decision. Decide to go deep, and to trust the perfect I Am in you to guide you. Reject fear. Because it keeps you out of where you need to be.

The next time fear grips you remember who you are. Choose not to allow indulge it. Take the situation and steer is. Not the opposite way around. Make choices based on the I Am in you, not on circumstances.

I am not the victim. I am the victor.