Career decisions

Choosing a career or choosing to change a career is one of life’s biggest decisions. Making this decision without deeply knowing oneself can lead to so much distress in life. Yet this decision is staring many people in the eye – whether they are ready or not.

There is no denying that we are unique and that our choice should align to who we are. Yet many people don’t acknowledge the fact that they are part of an intricate whole, called society. Our career exists simply because there is a need for it. Be it education or engineering; biology or beauty; technology or trade.

There is wisdom in understanding the balance between what you were created to do, putting food on the table and contributing to society. As simple as it would be if money were the only consideration, we have to face the fact that it is not the only one. Money will follow what you are naturally good and skilled at, while catering for a need in society.

At the same time, a career is in essence trading who we are. It is a platform on which we can present ourselves, what we have to offer and how we can improve or enrich the lives of the people around us. What you offer is not just your skill and knowledge.  Maybe you have vision, drive, determination and integrity; or clear-headedness, prudence, an eye for detail and a methodical approach: that is what you truly have to offer. The certificate and knowledge you possess is simply the cherry on top, the ribbon around the gift.

Like me, you might not be an IT expert, but because you can manage and motivate people you can manage an IT company.

Understanding that if something is not in your temperament and that it will frustrate you in the end, is essential. By doing something that is not in line with our natural bent, we harm ourselves. We feel we failed. But it is not true.

You’ve got to be a genius about who you are.

When talking to companies, understand who you are and what you want. Ask yourself: How well do I know myself? Why am I at this interview? How willing am I to study this company?  You need to know what this company is going to get from you before they will. Companies are looking for that.

The last thing to take into account when deciding on your career is that we all have to start at the bottom. The starting place might not look the same for you and for me, but it has the same feel of frustration. Understand that even though it does not feel like our sweet spot, we need to do this job in order to be trusted with more, grow in experience and wisdom.

I encourage you to face the truth that nothing that is fulfilling, like completing studies, advancing a thriving career, building a healthy and happy family, realizing your dream, is easy. Those things need grit and determination. But the fruit is sweet and satisfying!