Just for a moment, look into the future and see yourself at 70 or 80. Are you crawling around on the floor with your grandchildren? Are you in tip top condition without any plans to retire? Are you strolling along the beach with your favourite four legged friend? Are you sipping cider with your children and their children under your grape arbour watching the sunset?  Are you that weird old lady in the gym class?

It seems strange to think of that day.

The sad truth is that we don’t think of it often enough. How do I know? People live their lives as if there is no tomorrow – and I don’t mean that in the good sense of the word. People live and work at a frightening pace thinking that that’s just how it is. They live lives that grate against their natural rhythm and bent. The devastation this causes doesn’t dawn on us until we are in our twilight years, or worse for some people, when we are in the prime years of our life.

Your average Joe Blow understands the correlation between a healthier lifestyle with a healthier body. Even if you were dealt a hand with an incurable disease, it makes sense that a healthy lifestyle helps you to manage it more effectively.

Let’s face it: even though there are many diseases that arise for reasons outside of our control, there are many more that arise for reasons that are inside of our control! Think of constant high levels of stress, smoking, excessive drinking, an inactive lifestyle, too little sleep, too much processed foods and the list goes on!

Yet we have all faced these things and struggle to make better choices. Is there hope for us to escape this race towards an inevitable crash landing? I dare say there is.

It comes back to knowing who you are and how valuable you are. Let’s strip off the calloused layers one by one to embrace the I AM inside of us. We have forgotten the power of one: the power of one person to change the world.

Just like discovering who you truly are is a journey and a process, the transition to healthy thinking and living takes time, but I do want to invite you: love yourself enough to live a healthy life style.