Knowing who you are at your core is the single most potent factor that sets you aside in business.

If you have a definite and clear idea of who you are you will know what your strengths are and channel and hone them accordingly. You will know what your weakness is and hand those aspects of your business over or simply dive head first into learning what it is you need to know. Your decisions and negotiations will be authentic and sleekly aligned with your bigger picture. No detail will be left to chance. No set of skills or raw talent or business savvy will give you the long term benefits that knowing yourself will give you.

Richard Brandon believes you should never go into business purely to make money. “If that’s your motive you’re better off doing nothing.” He believes that if you can improve peoples’ lives you have a business.

I encourage you to go into business for the right reasons. That does not mean money is not part of the equation. Business in its simplest form is trading. Trading exists for people to provide for themselves. But going into business because of circumstances like need for income puts you under pressure to make wrong decisions – decisions that are not aligned with who you are.

All of us have been born with this innate desire to impact our world, make a difference or make our mark. This naturally involves other people. Bringing your unique contribution to the business world is simply a way to improve the lives of others. What you have to offer is the answer to their specific dilemma. When what you have to offer is exactly what people need they will pay what its worth with a smile and recommend others.

Your trade is directly linked to your passion. Meaning, if you passionately love working with children, you most likely won’t be an accountant. The most beneficial product/service you can offer to the world is intricately intertwined with who you are.

The most fundamental investment you can make in your business is discovering the unique, unchangeable I Am factor inside of you. It sets you apart.