What does your bank statement say about who you are? I could ask you the same thing regarding your use of time: What does your calendar say about who you are?

If you want to know what someone values, simply determine what they spend their money and time on. Those two questions cut to the chase. There is simply no way they can beat around the bush when faced with this simple evaluation.

When applying this evaluation on a personal level, it is immensely freeing and refreshing, but at the same time it can be a difficult pill to swallow, because you see who and what you have become plainly.

The natural consideration to follow this evaluation is: Is this who I really am?

Someone with an indulgent, impulsive or indifferent attitude might have multiple credit cards maxed out with zero savings or investments. Or maybe their calendar is hap hazard and filled with nonsensical activities. If you value the opinion of others more than staying true to your I Am your bank statements and calendar will reflect the priorities of other people. Maybe you spend money on fashion simply, because you have a need for approval, instead of a desire to express who you are.

Is financial freedom your dream? Is a flourishing family your goal? Is making a difference in the world your dream legacy? Then allocate time and money to these endeavours (instead of luxuries and temporary pleasures)!

The greatest favour you can do for yourself is to figure out who and what you really are then make one decision after another focused on remaining true to that.

If you are in a tight financial spot, knowing who you are will allow you to escape to financial freedom. The reason being that every last person has something to offer or trade: your willingness to help, learn, work, your character and integrity, your experience and skills. Doing these things from the core of your being is what makes the difference. It is what makes your ready and prepared when opportunity presents itself. Most people wait for opportunity, but they don’t put in the effort to prepare, but what they don’t understand is that they will not be in a position to take hold of that opportunity if they have note purposefully positioned themselves.

If you are in a place of financial convenience, knowing who and what you really are will be your saving grace. It will establish you and make you able to weather-the-storms that the economic, social and political climate brings. It will prepare you for opportunity after opportunity and will have a synergistic effect on your time and money.

Your ability to flourish is not based on your financial situation. It is based on your ability to focus and channel everything that you are into the choices you make: relationally, financially, academically, politically, and morally.

Your ability to make authentic choices is directly proportional to your sense of fulfilment. A focused life is a fulfilled live!