So, we don’t always know who those little beings will be or what they will look like when we are still expecting them or looking forward to parenting, but the one thing you and I both know, is that they will be unique. We will find no surprise and get a child looking exactly like the other one we had a couple of years ago, with the same fingerprint. No, we know, without seeing them, that they will be uniquely beautiful. Yet, when we raise them, we so often forget this factor. We forget that in the same way they don’t look the same, they also don’t have the same character traits, each one has his or her own purpose and way of doing things.

I want to encourage you to look at your child again, look for the I am in them. What is it that makes them tick. What makes them smile? What makes them laugh? Give them a chance to find out who they are… encourage them. Remind them regularly how unique they are and how their uniqueness is precious to you.


When we find our purpose as parents, it is so much easier to guide our children to do the same. Children normally rather do what we do as oppose to what we tell them to do. Parents who understand their own purpose effortlessly lead the way and give their children permission to confidently find out who they are. It certainly is nothing to be fearful of… it is a treasure that we should pursue with determination.

I encourage you to listen to episode 5 of I am, as we talk about parenting and the I am, on Friday as it is released onto our website.

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