Who you really are, at the very core of your being, never changes. The I Am factor in you was the same when you were eight years old and will stay unchanged right through to the day that you are eighty years old.

You might be wondering how you can step out of your situation or mental state. The answer is really simple. When you start to make decisions fully in tune with the I Am inside you, you will step out. Not only will you step out of the old – you will step into the life meant for you.

If you are thinking I didn’t decide to be in the situation I am in, I completely understand your hardship. Things outside of our control are part of life on this earth. I’ve had my fair share of challenges and life threatening experiences.

But there is hope.

Even though we don’t always choose our circumstances, we occasionally make decisions that perpetuate them. Some of us do it frequently. Your decisions will look different when you purposefully choose to keep them in line with your authentic self.

But I’ll warn you – making the right decision may lead to change A.K.A. discomfort or pain. Now before you run off, let me explain. Your parents know you as the person you’ve always been. The moment you start making decisions differently they will pick it up and probably tell you you’ve fallen of your rocker. Others might even reject you out right. It will be a natural part of the process, but think of it like this: you will have so much more to offer that person and everyone else around you, if you make decisions based on the I Am inside you. Even though they don’t understand or agree, it will be in their best interest that you live who you really are. That is because, you are strong and capable. The fulfillment of your goals and dreams will make your life, family and community flourish, because they have you, a thriving person, as a resource to draw on.

Remember that everything isn’t meant to stay the same. This is actually a natural process. What was once comfortable doesn’t remain comfortable, because things that are alive grow. Hence they run out of space! Moving on or getting over something or someone often has the look and feel of a world falling apart. Thankfully that is just a feeling! When things start falling apart, it might just start falling into place for you.

The I Am inside you will continually yearn to come to light. It is that still small voice only heard when we stand still for a moment and quiet down mentally. Most people become sad when they suddenly find themselves needing to kill some time. We grab our phone. We turn the TV on. We start scrubbing our kitchen cupboard or organise our garage. Anything to suffocate the quiet voice calling us to come to light: to be who we really are, to live the life we secretly dream of.