Byron Katie once said: “Just keep coming back home to yourself. You are the one you have been waiting for.” Many a time, we feel like imposters in our own lives. We reach a point where we look in the mirror and wonder who that is. We stare out over our life’s horizon and wonder how we came to be there. Slowly, it dawns on us that we are what others want us to be.

It’s like wearing ill-fitting clothes. You never arrive at a place of ultimate satisfaction and wellbeing. We wear these things, simply because we have been told to wear them: as ill-fitting and cramped as they are!

Why do we do this to ourselves when we can be someone that radiates life’s deepest joy?

Many times we stay where we are, because this life is all we have and all we know. It frightens us to question this life that took years to put together. You might be in your thirties or forties and think: ‘I have done this for far too long. How will I ever navigate back to who I AM?’

It is not too late. You can be someone with fire in your eyes.

That I AM inside of you gently and relentlessly tugs at your heart and conscience. It never changes. It never fades. The difficulty is peeling back the layers of false beliefs and assumptions that define our current reality. We get out from under that burden when we firstly realise that we CAN be who we really are and secondly, when we start making, sometimes difficult, decisions based on the truth of who we are and not based on the static and boxed identity determined by the world.

At first it feels near impossible. But the more we move in the direction of our true self, the easier it becomes.

Allow who you are to grow in passion and beauty. Being the most beautiful you is not for anyone else other than you. Don not do it for a husband or a position or a reward. Do it for you! But allow the people around you to enjoy the fruit of your labour. This gives them unconscious consent to be the most glorious version of themselves! Being the most beautiful version of you takes effort, but it is effort that will bring you closer to your I AM.  That is your sweet spot!

I woke up to who I am one day in a most unusual place. I awoke in a gym, of all places! I find that ironic, because a gym is a place that challenges us. It challenges us to go farther than we’ve ever been, to be the best we can be and to reach the next level. Growing into who you really are is sometimes uncomfortable. It stretches you. Sometimes you need to leave your comfort zone. Actually, you need to leave it quite frequently!

I once spoke to a ballet dancer. She said: “If I want to do this style of dance, I need to have a posture that is uncomfortable.” Executing a dance flawlessly will mean you need to leave your comfort zone, but the reward is that you will enter a place where unexplainable wonders happen! That exact capability – to leave your comfort zone – is inside of us. It is not just for doing seemingly impossible physical feats. It is for writing that book or song or creating that beautiful piece of art or world changing invention! This ability to get out of your comfort zone is what it will take to come back to the amazing, yet authentic, I AM that exists at the core of you.

I hope that on the next part of our journey you’ll join me and find out how we are going to do this!