Welcome! This series has the potential to change the very fabric of your life. Not just any change, but the change you have been desiring as long as you can remember!

Have you ever wondered about who are you? That is a simple enough question, yet the answer is complex. Preparing an introduction, for my videos, podcasts and blogs, was more difficult than I initially expected. Firstly, everything I do comes to mind. Often we say who we are by stating what we do. But is that who I am? Have you ever experienced that?

“It is important to remember that what we do is not who we are.”

The day you were born, you were born with something I call the I AM. That part of you was whole and perfect. What we do not realize is that this I AM stays part of us, but we do not see and experience it, because that perfect I AM landed in a not so perfect place. Maybe it landed in rejection, poverty, brokenness or destruction.

No matter what environment we are in, that whole and perfect part is always inside of us. What would your life look like if you never heard the voices that said you are too poor, too fat, too thin, too female, too dark, too broken, too much?

If we accept it as truth, if we listen to the things that we are not – our amazing brains store it in our memory and everything starts to work against this beautiful I AM. We give in to the voices and agree, because of pressure. Slowly we do things that we are not – things that do not align with who we truly are. Then we become confused. Something feels wrong and we believe it is us.

We end up not knowing who we are any more.

I had to go against certain things, against the assumptions made about me, against the voices placing constraints, obligations, and expectations on me… But I found a beautiful thing amongst all this pain. No matter the environment I was in, that inner I AM kept calling me back! It kept calling me back to my true self! Something inside of us always wants to revert back to that I AM, like air trapped underwater yet always rising to the top.

I have found that when you have a clear understanding of who you are at your very core, you will always make the right decisions. How can I possibly say that? If you know who you are you know exactly when something, like a situation or a choice, is not calibrated or in tune with your I AM. You might not be able to explain it in words, but your feelings and impressions convey it instinctively. This is only true when you know who you truly (and irrevocably) are.

We are like deep wells with deep waters. When you decide to search out and embrace your unique essence, your life changes! For help with this journey, keep following the I AM series, because I’d like to go on a journey with you! A journey of discovering that whole and perfect I AM inside you!