In my previous blog I spoke to you about choosing life. What does it mean when I say choose success? I believe each one of us were created to be a success. We are the Elect, chosen before we were born to be the best. When I say, the best, I’m not referring to going out and measuring yourself to other people. When I say be the best – it means, be the best you!

Young and old women alike will try and be like a celebrity they admire, I need to have that figure, I need to have that clothing, I need to act like she is acting etc. NO! You need to be the best YOU. Start seeing your own beauty. Start recognising your own abilities. Believe that you can do what is asked of you!

Believe that you are the best mother that YOU can be. Believe you are the best wife YOU can be. Start focussing on what you have and what you have achieved. If you have beautiful eyes, make the most of it. If you have a great smile… smile more. Focus on the small things, believe in the small things that you have achieved. Not long and you will have more confidence. Small steps are important but the most important thing is for you to take that next step. Do not stand still and feel sorry for yourself. MOVE!

For the last 5 years I have been involved in skills development and job creation. The courses that we are presenting are brilliant BUT only 20% of our ladies are going out into the community and using their skills to make money and build a business. I have been asking myself for many years why this happens. Why are there 10 students in a class, but only two of them are successful in business and making money out of the skill that they have learnt. I realised that it is because of the fact that we managed to influence the core of her belief system. We managed to get her to believe in herself, she took her skill and changed her life and the life of her family. I always say – if you can change the heart of a mother you will change a nation.

Three important things in finding your success is to

  • Know yourself.
  • To manage your energy.
  • To face your fears that are holding you back.

Nancy Fairbrother said it like this: “You Have a Divine Purpose, A Calling.

When you were born, you were given a secret code containing the key to your divine purpose. Living your purpose is the key to a life of enjoyment, prosperity, and fulfilment. It is the most important thing you can do, not only for yourself, but for the world and everyone you know. You already have everything you need to create the life you’ve always wanted. All these qualities are available to you now. They are part of your divine plan.”

Make a decision, Choose life, Choose success!