Transition …. We are moving soon!  My husband and I are in the very fortunate position of scaling down and transition into a new and exciting time of our lives.  For years we have been dreaming about changing our holiday home to our final home and soon we will start this process.

But first, the house plans must be drawn up (my husband is a draughtsman!!) I have a vision of what our new house should look like, I have the interior decorating, the lighting, cupboards, carpets, art and even the garden all planned out in my head – after all, I have been dreaming about it for years!!  Now let me tell you, it is very challenging for a “right brain” to describe a vision to a “left brain” and have them see your picture in their imagination. The design birthed from all my explaining and envisioning was very disappointing.  Not to worry, ever the optimist, I decided to explain again!

How grateful I am for modern technology!  I whipped out my laptop and showed my husband my Pinterest board and at the speed of light showed him my “vision”.  You see you take a little bit of this picture, then onto the next, and you take that idea and tweak it a bit, and the next picture …. I looked up into my husband’s eyes to make sure he understood perfectly, only to see him frown slightly and I knew … I lost him at the first picture!!!

This has been a slow process and we have had many interesting conversations along the way, challenging, debating, planning, re-creating what we see in our minds and then penning it onto a plan.  We are almost finished and I can tell you I am excited … when I close my eyes I can see it. MY HOUSE!

My husband and I planned this house to the finest detail because we want it to be perfect and just the way we like it.  During this process we have had to ask questions such as:

  • How strong is the foundation?
  • Is it built on rock or sand?
  • Will it withstand the elements?
  • Will it provide the shelter it was designed for, cool in summer and cosy in winter?
  • Will the plans be approved?
  • Does it fit our budget?
  • Will the people in it be happy?

However, this whole process got me thinking about my life.  So much time, effort and energy has gone into something that will only last a relatively short time.  How much time, effort and energy am I putting into the way I live my life?  Something that will last for eternity??

Our lives can be so closely related to building a house!  It will be worth your while to ask the difficult questions and once you have an answer, to go back to the drawing board and alter it.  Once building commences, there are no changes!!

The same applies to our lives, once we enter our eternal home, there are no more opportunities to make any changes.  It would be the best strategy to scrutinize our lives and make the critical choices now.

I plead with you … choose eternal life!!