A question I deal with often is, why Woman for Change and not Women for Change? Believe it or not, some even think I have it wrong… However, if they knew me better, they would know that I will not make such a mistake.

You see, it starts with me, one woman…I have to change and then every woman who become part of this organization is not just one of many women, no she is hand-picked.

She has her own fingerprint, her own identity, her own purpose. One woman, who by acknowledging her need to change for the sake of others, starts the process of change. Its painful, sometimes uncomfortable and it goes deep. Inside out she changes, she lets go of her own desires while at the same time she learns to fall in love with her own beauty…One woman, waking up to her strength, one woman facing the fears of her past, weighing the impact of her future and decides to go forward with all her might…One woman…discovering the beauty in other women…see them as part of the puzzle she tried so desperately to complete on her own, yet, they complete her…and she knows that she wants to make a difference in their lives…one woman changing herself to help change those around her and as part of a group of women, they work in so much unity, all you see is the beauty of ONE…

– Love Miskyah