I heard this amazing quote: “In order to reach your destination quicker, you need to travel light.”

I have seen some “travel-smart” ladies struggle with a copious amount of luggage. I have also seen mothers fretting over clothes for the kids – summer-, winter- and “in-case” clothing. I have also had that very same dilemma: I would ponder for hours and repeatedly scavenge through my drawers like a hungry squirrel. Each time I would add and subtract from my items. In the end, I would put an accountant to shame because I would have effectively multiplied my travelling items.

Over the years I have learnt, from the wisdom of my daughters, that you should know the weather forecast of your destination, mix and match your clothing, buy smaller containers and generally “sometimes you have just got to let go, Mom!” … such wisdom from those coming from my loins …

It makes me think about this journey of life that we are embarking on. We will have to make some choices by:

  • Knowing where we are going. How sad would it be if we start travelling and halfway find out that we are not on the right road. I have travelled to many purposeless destinations that left me with an empty pocket and a hollow disappointment in my stomach – you know those journeys when a friend (with a purpose) is going somewhere and you get dragged into their journey because of emotional decisions or thinking that their purpose was also yours?
  • Knowing why we are going to that destination. Every journey has a purpose. Without a purpose we are just strolling aimlessly in a maze of nothingness.
  • Knowing what your expectations are. Many of my journeys have been predictable; but I remember the frustration of the other journeys when our vehicle broke down, or our rooms were not what the picture promised. We all expect fair weather during our holiday – especially if the weather forecast foretold it. How will we react when we have arrived and an unexpected storm hit the beautiful place we find ourselves in?
  • Having faith that the whole experience will have the best outcome for us. If we do not have faith in ourselves and our ability to achieve and overcome, we are like a windmill in the middle of the Karoo that is designed to extract water from the water table but then does not have the water pump installed.


So, let us do some brainstorming in a pretty notebook and ask ourselves these vital questions which I have mentioned in the points above. Find a quiet spot and reflect while listening to that ancient inner voice calling us, directing us into our destination, our purpose… our True North.