I am inviting you to go on an amazing journey with me.


The journey will have all the facets of an adventure: smooth roads, rocky terrain, sheer cliffs and many stops to pause, reflect and have a coffee… because I am a coffee-girl. I believe that we should celebrate with coffee, cry over a cup of coffee and reflect over a cuppa.


At 55 years of age I look back from the vantage point of my current life and I am filled with mixed emotions over events that shaped – and scraped – me, but mostly I am in awe of the growth spurt that I have had the past 10 years. Sometimes sadness wants to envelope me like a soggy blanket, sadness that my life seems to have taken a lot of wrong turns based on wrong decisions and events. But upon reflection it is exactly those moments that have schooled me and trained me for the greatness inside of me, a greatness that wants to burst forth like a young gazelle at each opportunity presented to her… and I smile knowingly.

I have found my True North within me that guides me surefooted over the obstacles of life.

So now I am keeping my hand out and am inviting you to start a journey to discover your True North – the ancient song, long forgotten and deeply buried. Let us burst through the barrier of sadness, bitterness, hopelessness and helplessness and come, let us walk and discover ourselves…


You won’t regret it.