I have learned that it is really important to take time to sit alone and just reflect. I look at my past and ask myself what I have done right and what I have done wrong and really just reflect on where I used to be, where I am and where I am going. The other day while doing this, I realized that sometimes I lie to myself … can you believe it?

You may be asking, is that even possible and my answer to you is yes! In fact some of us have been lying to ourselves for so long we are no longer even aware of it.

After this shocking discovery, I took my laptop out and started writing this blog, because I want to ask you today: what lies are you telling yourself?

  • Perhaps you are telling yourself that you are doing better than what you are actually doing. Refusing to realize that there are some areas in your life that really need some attention and fixing.
  • Or maybe you are telling yourself that you are doing worse than what you are actually doing, refusing to realize that you have made great strides and have moved forward in many ways.


There are so many different lies that we as women tell ourselves or are told by other people, that we choose to believe. Let’s put a stop to it right now! And realize that when we are honest with ourselves, and only believe what is true about ourselves, will we be truly liberated.

I have to say though, that it’s really tough when you become aware of this because then you have to take responsibility and do the right thing. So, I am not promising that it will be easy, but I’m telling you it is so worth it!