I ask myself why would I be alive and breathing if there is no reason and of course it does not make sense that there would be no reason. Since I could remember I was always asking myself the questions, ‘’why am I alive?” “Why am I here?”

After searching I found the answer but here is the thing I didn’t find the answer to this question from family or friends I didn’t find it from my situation at the time, I found it within me. And from that day I made the decision to believe that I was given this life and that I am strong enough to live it and so it is totally true when they say that the two most important days of our lives is

  1. The day we were born and 2. The day we find out why

I am excited to tell you were created for a reason. You are worthy and valuable and there is a call on your life, you have a purpose. And here is the thing about purpose it not only changes your life completely you must know that someone somewhere is depending on you to live in that purpose because you are their breakthrough. There is a light within you that will end the darkness of another.

At the centre of living on purpose is CHOICE what is a choice? Well Google says that a choice is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. We have to realize that daily we are faced with possibilities (good and bad.) Sometimes we are faced with so many bad possibilities that we do not realize that there are actually good possibilities at every corner. However, today I want to remind you that we have a choice between life and death, good and evil.

With that said I am fully aware that life deals us some very sour lemons and for many it seems to never stop yet let me tell you something with every sour lemon there is a ripe juicy mango. Dear woman, RISE UP, you are a victor not a victim.

Okay so how do you discover your purpose? I’m simply going to tell you what I did?

  1. I believed that I have a purpose full stop.
  2. I separated myself from the many daily activities to spend time with myself, getting to know and love myself.
  3. I started writing down all the things that I love doing and that I am passionate about. So everything that would make me really upset or sad for example the kids that are going hungry in Africa and things that would keep me up at night with excitement like doing events.
  4. Once you have written this down you will see that there is a thread in it all almost like a theme, from this create yourself pointers on what that is. Mine is LOVE / INSPIRE / LEAD / DEVELOP / PURPOSE and so, daily I go out looking for opportunities to feed my purpose by loving, inspiring, leading and developing people.
  5. Then lastly find a mentor. Someone who you recognize is living a life that aligns with the life that you would like and ask them to guide you design and build that life.

It all sounds so simple but that’s the thing many things are a lot less complicated than we make them seem. And the most important thing is to START, start today, here and now with whatever it is you have. You will not know until you try and if you are afraid of failing teach yourself that failure is not fatal and permanent that is not how life works.  If you choose to you can rise up.