Ladies, positions … volume … lights … and ACTION!!

Greeting you graciously girl. Glad you joined. Ah, I am so new to this whole blog-concept, yet I am exited to serenade you girls to this stage where the spotlight writes your name in the sky to announce your season of favor.

In the music-world I had so much opportunity to quit on my vision. As a singer, if you are chosen to be the curtain raiser for another artist, it’s kinda like being the bridesmaid to a flashy, stunning bride.
You may bring your best to the party, yet it doesn’t make it your big day.
In retrospect, I realised, often times in life, we give up on our dreams, not realising that we’ve already mounted the stage. The spotlight has caught a glimpse of you and the crowd tasted some of the sweetness of your unique flavour.

I signed up to write your Theme Song …. to get you positively, passionately back in your game.


So here’s what we do…. we will start with the cuffs that chain you in the dungeon. And then by awakening desire in you, we will mount the stage from dungeon to destiny. Are you ready to drop some cuffs and chains and freestyle…

Woman, be FOR change.

Desi, muting for the moment.

Feel free to play with it. I am a song writer and I often times need to edit peoples efforts to make a song more effective… love your diligence and drive .