During the past couple of weeks, I have shared a lot of my life with you and how I realized the importance of finding out who I really am. I hope that you are inspired and that you also started having the desire to write your own story… Yes, we all have a story. The thing is, the story we write is not always the one celebrated. Very often it is the one despised, that, after a period, may become the most powerful.

Why am I saying this? Well, I am thinking about the periods in life when things don’t really go the way we want them to. The times when our decisions may even lead to tremendous difficulty. Today, I am fondly thinking about a young man I employed a few years ago. He has the most beautiful green eyes in his handsome, almost Arabic looking face. As a youngster, he knew very little about the formal business world.

Almost naïve… A great compassion filled my heart for him and like with a lot of the people we employ, I received him as part of our ‘family’.

This dear, young man, fell into a trap and did things that are illegal and how sad it was for me to hear that our company had to dismiss him. Still, I know, in him is the beautiful I am. I know that there is a sound purpose for his life. How many of us give those who made grievous mistakes another chance at finding the purpose which is still in them.  Why is it that those in prison have a broken life and find it so difficult to start fresh again?

It is never too late to start again…for some this journey may be more difficult than for others, but if you and I dare to believe that out of the ashes of yesterday, a new hope may be build, even by the hands of those once despised, yet who made a quality decision to change and become the better future others are waiting to celebrate, then and only then, will we truly arise and fulfil the purpose of the greater I Am.

On Friday this week, we are releasing episode 5 of the I am series. Don’t miss it…

Until next time,