Ladies, catch the beat …. Put on those dancing shoes. We are singing and dancing our way to destiny. Taking back our ‘sweetness’, our joy, and on this ‘stage’, we are shining the spotlight on finding ourselves again and pursuing our dreams.

Let me introduce myself ….

Desi … pleased to meet you all. I have been wanting to pour out some big portions of ‘positive’, since the extinction of the dinosaur.
Forgive me …. here I sit, chatting away while you are trying to understand the whole ‘sing me a future’ – vibe.
For the better part of my ‘remembering-years’, I have been a National singer/songwriter.

Don’t leave, simply because you are not in the entertainment industry.
This blog is about the girl-side of Desi ……, wanting to journey with each one of you, uniquely, until you find your ‘beat’ or ‘tune’…. Or shall we call it your ‘THEME-SONG’.

A girl’s gotta have her own theme song (TS).

This TS is the very motivation that keeps you wanting to push forward and pull through. Even if it seems like mediocre and mundane has chewed you like a puppy.

My mom used to refer to the music industry as a ‘dog-eats–dog’ industry.
Yet, I soon learnt that passion and desire gives one grace to stomach the specific challenges concerning your call.
Unless you pursue your dream, you will live ‘passion–deprived’. Makes sense?

So ladies, this is me, Desi …
I’ll gladly partake in writing your Theme Song as you join me on ‘sing me a future’ …. on this beautiful Woman for Change platform.

Desi, muting for the moment.