Wow… I am so excited about the new Woman For Change Ambassadors program that Miskyah Toth and Desiree Uys are launching under Woman for change. It is a program that is geared towards changing women’s lives.

Immediately a few questions come to mind! Why another program for Woman? Why appoint woman ambassadors? Why do woman for change ask for donations and many more.

Let me explain a little bit more about the ambassador’s program. According to Google one of the definitions for the word Ambassador is:

  • a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

“he is a good ambassador for the industry”

We choose women who will be ambassadors to other woman. Learning and teaching them to become whole, to be the best that they can be. Not according to other people but according to themselves.

  • Dr Nancy O’Reilly explains it like this: Women keep saying to me, “This is our time. There has never been a better time to be a woman.” It’s proven in study after study that when women lead, their policies benefit the lives of the people they serve. It’s not rocket science then to conclude that having more women leaders will make the world a better place.I’ve been on this soap box for quite awhile now, encouraging women to reach out and help each other. Leading Women: 20 Influential Women ShareTheir Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life was created by 20 skilled leaders who did just that. Woman for Change is one of the new kids on the block. We will help change other woman’s lives.

    Leading Women co-author Linda Rendleman established her Women Like Us foundation to support other organizations working to benefit women and children. Her chapter, “Poise, the Final Ingredient,” tells how she developed the perspective to define herself in ways that would help her create social change. She chose Audrey Hepburn for her role model, because of her “poise” and quoted the actress as saying that her ambassadorship for UNICEF was the most difficult role she ever played.

    If you read history closely, you’ll find women throughout the centuries who stepped up to care for those forgotten by society. They founded schools, charities, hospitals and agencies to fill countless social needs.

    My co-author Shirley Osborne tells the story about one such school in her chapter, “Information: The Best Philanthropy.” A simple school that began to help female immigrant factory workers learn English became Simmons College, which instituted the first MBA designed specifically for women’s career and leadership success. That’s where Shirley, originally from a tiny Caribbean Island, received her MBA and gained the tools to realize her personal and professional vision.  With that inspiration and the stories of the women she met there, including one from China who hid her studies from her husband, Shirley noted the improvements in the lives of women and girls brought about by women philanthropists.

    There are literally thousands of such stories, in which one woman reaches out to another, in turn empowering them to do the same for still others, as did all 20 of the Leading Women co-authors. The single message here is that now we have an opportunity to engage women like no other time in history. Women are stepping forward to say, “I care. Women’s Rights Are Human Rights. I want to be respected. I want to make a difference. Feminine leadership is powerful leadership.” As my co-author Gloria Feldt says, “It is not power over; it is the power to” join with others to create a world that supports a culture of respect for all of humanity.

    We have a responsibility as citizens of a free world to protect and exercise our civil rights. This is the way to protect ourselves and our families and create more women leaders. Most women already function as leaders in their families and communities; we just need to believe in ourselves and gain the self-confidence to go forward. Read the stories in Leading Women to find out how others overcame their fears, stepped into their “power to,” and achieved their purpose while helping others achieve theirs. The stories in Leading Women will inspire you to step up and make a difference in the world.”

Miskyah Toth has a similar vision to Dr Nancy O’Reilley. If we touch the lives of a mother… that will change the life of a whole family or community. That is what Woman for Change ambassadors program is all about. Change! Change in the lives of the families, Change in the lives of the community and above all – change in the life of the women who are part of Woman for Change.

We have decided to introduce four new ambassadors every month and we are launching the first four on Women’s day, the 9th of August 2017. These ladies are sharing their hearts with you and have the same vision to inspire and encourage you to become the best you can in your own area of influence.

One of the many programs we will launch soon is the that of crowd funding. Desiree Greyling, one of our amazing Ambassadors is partnering with Woman for Change to drive some crowd funding projects. Woman for change will select a lady with a dream. A dream to change her world, her circumstances. A dream that will change her children’s future. Maybe she has a dream to study to become an Early Childhood Development teacher and she just cannot afford it. Woman for change will run a crowd funding project to generate the income to make dreams come true.

Are you ready to be a woman for change ambassador? Follow us on social media and our blogs for more information on how to become an ambassador!

– Marieta Greyling