We wait for it with great anticipation! We are constantly on the lookout for that wonderful moment where growth really starts to kick in.

I am a firm believer that we must start with the basics. Things need to run smoothly before growth occurs, because growth let alone exponential growth will certainly test your foundations.  Are you ready for it? Think about that. Exponential growth is even more difficult than a bad turn in business. So strengthen yourself! Growth takes us to a different level of accountability and responsibility. It is of utmost importance to consider that exponential growth poses a great danger to your organisation if your management team is not ready for it. WE need to train OUR leaders – those working on the ground. We need to nurture them so that they develop into strong steadfast leaders.

Accountability and responsibility will take centre stage… Poor decisions and mistakes hit harder and will cost us much more during a time of growth than in a down turn, because we are not working with a thousand rand anymore but rather a million. Remember your clients have expectations. They need you to look every challenge in the eye and face danger without hesitation. This is only possible when everything is functioning above board.

So ask yourself whether the necessary checks and balances are in place and whether everything is being done above board. Be wide awake and keep your organisation safe. Be on top of your game and be careful, because others want what you have.

The nature of exponential growth will require that you let go of things which hold you back, to cut ties with weak links. Just like pillars in a building – one weak link will cause the house to tumble. Moreover you will need courage and boldness in order to handle exponential growth appropriately, for if you handle exponential growth in a considered manner, it will surely serve as a catalyst and a breeding ground for the eventual next spurt of exponential growth.

Most small businesses tolerate mediocrity, because it’s all they have right now, but I am here to tell you: never tolerate mediocrity! It will always come back to bite you! Its adversarial affects could diminish the prospective success of not only your carefully deliberated organisation but your very being.

Remember to go for the best, be the best, get the best and expect the best!