Systems bring order! Order & systems are the defining factors of any working enterprise. Every which way we look at it; order appears in anything that is succeeding. Conversely, chaos is the defining factor of anything which fails to work.

Stephen Covey said it best when he said that every system is designed to get the results it’s getting. Take something as simple as the construction of a house: before anything follows, a plan is needed. Then and only then can the foundation, walls, windows and a roof follow. If you do it in any other order you will likely have chaos and a multitude of problems on your hands.

What makes us want to step up when it comes to systems? In a previous LTB episode I spoke about good governance – please go back and listen to it again. It conveys the necessity of bringing order to your organisation.

Some may be of the assumption that the presence of order will cause everything to run smoothly and nothing will ever go wrong… That mind set is completely wrong! Of course things are going to go wrong – such is the nature of life. Systems don’t stop things from going wrong – it merely guides the manner in which we respond to things when they invariably do go wrong. Order entails I set up my business and its foundation in a sturdy manner; to stand tall in the face of adversity.

Gene Brown noted that fool proof systems don’t take into account the ingenuity of fools! Be that as it may, working by definition is problem solving. I have a need or a problem so I pay someone else to help me and fix it. Systems are supposed to do the same. Problems will be ever present. But how we deal with them can improve!

In business, especially while we are still sitting behind a desk for a boss, there are important considerations to take into account… Remember to remain faithful & diligent in applying the same work ethic and problem solving proficiency you would rely on if you were working for yourself. If you cannot do business with a boss, you will never be able to deliver great service to a client. Use your time there to learn from others, sharpen your skills, and reflect on lessons in the work place. Bide your time. With the security of a pay check, take your time to think, plan and formulate an action plan in identifying and attaining that which you seek.

Consider how many people think money is the most valuable asset we have yet time is far more valuable than money… It has to bring a return on investment, because it can never be gained again. Use your time to create systems which will no doubt aid you in solving problems, because whether you like it or not problems are on their way. To conclude, systems remain essential. They may make the process of expanding slower than we’d like but they increase your future business’ capacity tenfold!