In the modern age of convenience we have the benefit of enjoying all kinds of fruit, whether they are in season or not. Have you ever thought about the reason certain fruit grow in certain seasons and the benefits thereof? There is a reason and an order in nature: our bodies require certain foods more than others in every given season.

This is also true in business… We have a propensity to disturb the natural cycle of the current season and then find ourselves puzzled as to why things haven’t quite panned out as we expected. In summer, we seek winter or vice versa, yet there is something so perspicuously beautiful about embracing the moment as it is!

Think of it this way: our very mode of being is altered by the change of a season. It affects all those things akin to our wellbeing; it affects the way we sleep, eat & the manner in which we dress. As business owners we struggle in making these adjustments and try to force things instead of allowing a quiet season to play its part in helping us prepare for the following season which already well on its way. We are insensitive to what is happening in our business and we rush in, but in the end the timing is all wrong. We look at these times of dormancy and become negative which inadvertently affects our staff. We question ourselves, our staff and become unnecessarily critical and anxious.

Often our mind simply takes over, leaving no room for instinct. Allowing ourselves to run with the natural flow of things leaves our senses sharper and more adept to any challenges which may arise. Business owners understand their businesses far better than they give themselves credit for. Frequently, all that is missing is a leader that is willing to step back and take stock.

As leaders in our organisation we have to reflect on a regular basis on where we are and where the business is.

Remember: Before you can reach your destination successfully you need to know WHERE YOU ARE right now. The same goes for your business.

There is a definite fluctuation, a cycle, in any business. Hear me now: Step back. Accept the natural cycle of business. Embrace the season. Don’t force things. Instead of fighting the current, work with it and you will see greater results with far less effort. Winter has a way of getting rid of unnecessary things. So when it is quieter: use that time wisely to prepare for the bustling season that will arrive sooner or later.

With the extreme drought here in the Western Cape, I noticed a tree in my garden seemingly entering into autumn, yet we have not even reached the height of summer. After some inquiry I learned that this tree was entering into or creating its own state of autumn as a precautionary measure for survival.

When your business enters a season of drought or simply cycles through a new season, it is not the time to get anxious. It is the time to firstly reflect on its unique and changing needs and secondly, to make the necessary adjustments.

Expenses and staff requirements are higher in the summer season of our businesses however; we must not be weary in operating within our means! Upon winter’s dawn, the time to recalibrate things such as your budget and staff requirements is nigh. But a word of advice: there is an even better way! We should assess our business needs timeously and not shy away from making sensible temporary changes for each season when the moment is right to do so.

Napoleon Hill reminds us of the benefits of winter times: “Adversity breaks old habits of thought and gives one the opportunity to form new ones.”

Be expectant and prepare accordingly!