Last week we spoke of the need to understand who we are and who we are not. Understanding who we are not – affects our choice of people that surround us.

That brings me to my next point. It is absolutely essential that you first determine the specific needs of the business before your even start a search for additional staff. This includes understanding the current staff – who they are and who they are not. It is cardinal for the growth of any organisation.

Remember that people want to feel safe. They need structure – some more than others. They need to understand their role and function in the team. As the employer you need to understand what makes them feel insecure. Paying their salaries at random times creates instability in their lives. If they don’t know who to report to it frustrates them. Appraisals need to be applicable to everyone with the shared purpose of growth and new opportunities – not critique and condemnation.

This understanding of yourself, your staff and the needs of your business will high light exactly what kind of person your team needs. It is not simply a matter of skills and knowledge. Personality plays a big role in the dynamics of any team.

If you need a receptionist it seems straightforward, but is it? Defining her role will show you it is not a matter of her typing speed and professional appearance. Will she be hosting your events or clients or key partners? Then she needs to be a dynamic people-person with a wonderful bent for organisation.

So, do a role definition not just a job description.

Business people don’t always know how to put things on paper even though they have a clear picture in their heart. This is a simple example of your business’ need for you to surround yourself with the right people. You need a person who can put pen to paper sensibly – someone who is good at forging through fuzz and clutter and shaping it into a structure with a relevant purpose.

Using this approach to finding the right people for your business will make the interview the easiest part of the entire process! Because you know exactly what you want. People need to fit their role in the organisation. Finding the right person is never an easy task.

Appointing a person into a forced role will lead to ineffectiveness, frustration and unhappiness. Even when they try their best! If they don’t enjoy what they do and they don’t have a natural bent towards it they will become high maintenance employees.

Keep in mind that building relationship is the most effective modality for cultivating effective employees. It leads to mutual understanding and cooperation which is essential for the realisation of any organisation’s vision and mission. The same goes for your people: helping your employees attain their life vision will change their communities and as well as the greater society while your business benefits every step of the way!