A vital skill in any industry is understanding people. We are sometimes tempted to think we understand them entirely, but this sets us up for failure simply because we are too fixed in our thinking. We lose the mental agility to navigate this messy part of business – and life as a matter of fact.

We deal with people every day. People are vital. Especially the right people. But how do you know who they are?

It’s simple.

First endeavour to understand and make peace with who you are.

There are things we can do to understand ourselves. We need to make peace with the very essence of who we are as individuals. Why? You continually have a bent in a certain direction. Instead of fighting it relentlessly, you can better understand what kind of people you need around you to compliment your business. They are there to balance out any extremes and bring a well-rounded product and service to the customer.

So, it starts with me. The sooner you understand this the sooner business can get on.

Do your homework. Get professional insight into how you are wired. The DISC analysis can be used to that end and is simple yet effect. Don’t try to change who you are. Understand that you need other people, because you will never become those people. If you are a driven visionary, you need someone that naturally cares about the day to day needs of your team who will enhance their wellbeing and help them keep up with the pace you set. If you are an introvert, the people drawing from you will drain you. Manage your quiet times for optimal rejuvenation. Remember that extroverts rejuvenate around people w

When a person is more of an introvert they will tire easily when people draw from them. They must take time to rejuvenate for the best interest of everyone on the team. Extroverts need people to rejuvenate so making the effort to include people in tasks is vital for optimal energy levels.

If you can understand yourself, you can begin to understand your employees, colleagues, supervisors, employers, etc. When you understand these people you are ready to gain a vital understanding of the life blood of your business: your clients.