There are only two kinds of things that sell. Demand or impulse. Those are the only major reasons why people part with their money. It’s really simple. So let’s get into the basics!

Let’s define a demand and an impulse. A product or service in demand is something people are in need of. An impulse is not something they need, but something that they simply desire.

Take a retailer for example. They draw customers every day, because everyone needs to eat. The customers come for the bread and the milk. Have you noticed how they make you walk right to the back of the store to get what you need? As you walk by the aisle and aisle of products your basket becomes heavier and heavier. The bread and the milk is the demand. The other products making the basket heavy are impulse.

The question is what does your area need? And secondly, do you have what they need?

You must have demand products. That will bring more people to you than any marketing campaign you can afford. When it comes to demand products or services, packaging plays a minimal role. See how fancy your bread is packaged? Not very.

Artisanal bread on the other hand is packaged in wholesome and elaborate ways. Now packaging becomes important, because every impulse product competes for your attention and plays with your emotions.

Remember that we draw people by meeting their needs. Clearly define what you have that people need and what do you have that people simply want on impulse. You must have a balance. Remember that if you have what people need, THEY will find YOU.

So what makes the difference?

Take the time to look at your client’s need. Be sensitive. Listen to them. Give them what they want. Fulfil their need. Right there. You can do this as a formal process in which your staff becomes acquainted with your clientele. It will give you the stats for why people are coming to you. What comes in the most? What are people asking for? What isn’t selling? Use the answers to these questions to make decisions for growth.

Now, you might be in an industry that is not a demand. You need tremendous creativity. Make what you have work for you. It can be as simple as a matter of location. Put your coffee shop next to a grocer. Your potential clients will see you every time they come to the grocer to have their basic needs met.

Impulse is something you introduce when the demand is filled. Only then do you start to upsell. If you do not first provide for their needs you will lose customers. It really is simple. Do not offer your clients Belgian waffles if they came to quench their thirst. Take their drinks order first. As you serve them what they asked for – and met their immediate need – then offer them your unique and impulse products as a way to round of their needs. If you can fulfil their need you’ve actually succeeded in given them the satisfaction they came for. This in turn earns you their trust. Now you’ve made a way to keep an ongoing relationship with them.

Remember that retaining  a current client is a sure fire way to future profits.