Money. What image forms in your mind at the sound of that word? What do you feel?

Do you feel inadequate? Inadequacy makes you avoid it.

Do you feel desperate? Feeling desperate makes you hoard it.

Do you feel insecure? Money will lull you into a false sense of safety.

Do you see power? Seeing power makes you grab and fight for it.

Do you feel happy? If you think money brings happiness you’ll spend it even if it is on credit.

How you view money and the emotions it brings to the surface is a clear indication of how you will apply it. If you want to succeed in business then money, the life blood of your business, must be applied in good sense and confidence. It should not be avoided, hoarded, grabbed or wasted.

Money is not your problem. The way you view and therefor apply it is your major obstacle. Money is a tool. Money is not evil. It’s a piece of paper.

If you are concerned about your perspective on money, now is a good time to change it. Money is not something we can get away from. We work with it every day. The sooner we face the obstacle of perceiving money in a sensible manner, the sooner we can use it effectively.

You go to a doctor to deal with pain. The pain is there to tell us there is something wrong. These emotions triggered by money are simply a symptom of harmful thought patterns. Just like pain is a symptom of a problem in the body, so are negative emotions a symptom of a problem in your thinking.

As I mentioned earlier, money is simply at tool. A tool is something that is used to carry out a particular function. The tool is not the end product. This is why your reason for wanting money needs to be clearly defined. Knowing this will make your application of money consistent, whether you’re working with hundreds and whether you are working with millions. You will plan your use of it clearly. You will be its master and not the other way around.

The next time money comes to mind, remember:

  • Money is a tool, not the end product. Know what your end goal is.
  • Be faithful in the little.
  • Money is not stronger than you.
  • You’ve got the ability to multiply money.

Do not be the slave. Be the master.