You conceived it. You gave it a name. You have nurtured it. But you are not your business.

You are the driving force, the catalyst for growth and the agent that keeps it on track. Yet your business is a separate entity. If you’ve not come to grips with this fact, you’ll notice that business becomes more and more difficult as each day goes by: Boundaries are blurred, the vision is murky and the burden expands.

Separating yourself from your business is not a talent. It is a decision skilfully applied. Anyone can learn to do it. And the sooner, the easier.

The reason for this is that when your identity and your business are blurred, every knock your business receives will bruise you and vice versa.

Have you ever wondered why your business is not growing? Or why are you not making a profit according to your projections? What is holding you back? It’s probably you.

That’s tough. Believe me when I say I know. So what now?

Do yourself a favour by giving your business a sound foundation. Register it. Give your employees contracts. Pay your taxes and UIF. Do your books professionally. Have everything above board. Make it worth your while. If you are investing your time, money and energy into this thing, make sure your putting it towards something that is worth it all!

Business is never easy. But having everything above board opens you up for success. Not only will everyone around you take you seriously: You will take yourself seriously.