From the very first Let’s Talk Business meeting, I was challenged to let go of other people’s opinions. Whereas I was once a deeply confident and independent woman, I had grown somewhat weary over the past years, fearful of what people thought of me and yearning to fit in the boxes I had been placed in, simply to please them. Miskyah guided me in realising the reality…The reality is that I am unique and that I am not called to be in a box but rather to become the strong woman that I was born to be and blow that box away.

Miskyah Toth and LTB aided me in rediscovering my hidden potential. I have made use of all the LTB resources available such as the blogs and videos in order to make a success of myself. The business governance sessions in particular played a pivotal role in completing the due diligence for my business plan.

Furthermore I found The “I am” series to be very practical and helpful in discovering or rediscovering that which is already inside of you – even if you have neglected it in the past.

Miskyah is not afraid to share her life experience; on the contrary she draws strength from these experiences in teaching sound business and lifestyle principles. She’s generous and willing to share her time and knowledge wholeheartedly.

Sincerely it has been an amazing journey with Miskyah Toth and Let’s Talk Business. I am immensely excited with what we are going to achieve as a group under her leadership.