Over the time observing Miskyah as she operates in her positive yet sincere manner I have been inspired to become bolder, to stand tall for not only myself but my business.

My favourite session of Let’s Talk Business thus far has been the one on money. It poignantly alerted me to the fact that I had an unhealthy relationship with said subject matter and that I was to undergo much introspection in the process of healing in that area.

Whereas in the past I would have feelings of guilt, shame and an association with money as equally damaging and unattainable, I now understand the true worth of it. Today I can humbly attest to the impact of taking Miskyah’s wisdom me on board and with the necessary adjustments, I can already tell the difference in my business.

Furthermore, I’m also working a lot more on corporate governance because I know that when there is order in my business it will be more successful.

I am indeed grateful to have had the opportunity to interact with Miskyah and be a part of the Let’s Talk Business group. I am excited for the future because this is only the beginning of even greater things.

Thank you!