“What is your business?” was the very first question Miskyah prompted me and it completely transformed my perspective on living a financially independent life. Everything that followed was built upon this pillar of a mind changing question. Until I run my own business, I was not going to be a financially successful and independent man.


Mental Transformation

The very first process I went through was the opening of my eyes through the I Am session. It set me on a path to deeply discovering my potential; the person I was born to be. I was amazed to learn that, as Miskyah put it, it’s like going to the gym, the outward look is dependent on the muscles we already have. Work on the man inside and the outside is taken care of. I appreciate the grace that even though I did not have an operating business, I was empowered to envision myself running one successfully.


Running a Successful Business

Miskyah posed the question, “why would customers come to you instead of your competitors? What distinguishes your business from the competitors? I had a good lesson on both simple and complicated skills that can make a whole lot of difference in the operation of my own business.


Birth of Above and Beyond Pty Ltd

 I would like to thank all of Miskyah’s efforts for without her, I would never have started my mobile car wash company. A business which was founded on the strong foundation she laid in her series and build upon by all the ideas I absorbed from my fellow Let’s Talk Business members.


In conclusion, time alone wouldn’t permit me to point out all the great things I have and am still learning in as far as operating a business profitably and understanding effective finance principles is concerned. Thank you so much Miskyah for benefiting me and my business in such a unique way and for allowing me the opportunity to insight the amazing, wonderful and life changing journey that Miskyah and Let’s Talk Business have taken me aboard…​​You are a true blessing to us all!