What is Let’s talk business? It is a life group that was established through Miskyah Toth. At this moment it is just operating in Somerset West in the Helderberg. The vision for Let’s talk business is: to encourage entrepreneurs & create a vehicle for positive business talks, tips & meetings to raise a standard in business.

We are so excited. We had 14 people on our first let’s talk business meeting. These where all business men and woman that needs some help and input into their business. Miskyah is a well-known business woman with a heart for entrepreneurs. She wants to help business owners set a standard and she believes fully that you cannot be successful if you do not leave your past behind. Past hurts, past successes to name a few. A lot of times we are not successful because we have a wrong mind-set that needs to change.

“According to Miskyah it is extremely important to know where you are at this moment in your business and your own life. This will be the only way to find out where you need to go.”

The messages from Miskyah to the entrepreneurs are from own experience. What some may see today is only her success as business women, however, she faced many challenges on the road to success. She knows what it is to have nothing. She lost her car, had no income, was blacklisted and had two sons she needed to take care of. She knows what it is to have nothing and she knows what it is to have more than enough. What she offers to entrepreneurs comes from her own heartfelt experiences, not only from her knowledge as a Business Development Consultant. She learned the hard way to be a success despite all of the negative things trying to affect her life. One of the first lessons she may share with you, is to stop blaming yourself if things did go wrong. To get up, stop blaming yourself, shake the past off you and be determined to still succeed.

Her message to you is: You have everything in you to be a success! You have the wisdom, the mind, the hands and feet to get back on track. You just need to get rid of the little stones in your shoe. What is that you may ask…? Sometimes we walk with a little or more than one stone in our shoe. The stone can be unforgiveness, procrastination, stagnation, fear and many other things.

How many times did you get up in the morning… full of plans and ideas …just to fail again? If you do not get rid of the stone in your shoe you will keep on failing. Pick yourself up, kick away all the little stones and take the tenacity that is in you, change your mind set and you will go forward.

Like Miskyah said:

“I cannot accept success for you. I can show you the way too it, but it is up to you to take the advice and walk in your success”.

I am asking again, do you know where you are at the moment? Do you know what you need to deal with before you can go on? Don’t let those stones become your identity. Get rid of them

Something interesting I learned is that past experiences can also hold you back. If you compare everything that happens now in your life to your past success you will be disappointed. Past successes can be a stronghold in your mind. Get rid of it… each success story will look different. Please stop measuring yourself to your past successes.

When you have read this blog, take a pen and write down where you are at the moment. Write down your dreams of where you want to go. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Write down what mind-set changes you would need to do and join our Let’s Talk business sessions if you are close to the Helderberg.