Hallo everyone,

I am Miskyah and I am so excited about the Life Group we have in the Helderberg area for Let’s Talk Business. We had our first meeting last month and I am just hearing about the amazing things that happened since that day. We also increased in numbers to such an extent that I have decided to facilitate 2 groups, one on a Tuesday evening and another on a Saturday morning. We only meet once a month, but to be successful, I will encourage you to come to every meeting. I am focusing on different aspects in business in every meeting. This week we will rerun the introduction session I did last month with our first group, to accommodate our new people.

You have a choice of either to join. Our next sessions will then include everyone so that we are all on the same page. If you have not yet joined Let’s Talk Business and you want to join our Life Group, I encourage you to do the introduction session this week as I will only do this again later this year. Please email info@miskyah.com for more information. To join us, you don’t have to be in your own business yet, you are welcome to come and work on a plan to launch it when you are ready. When we establish order in our businesses, it will most certainly reward us with exponential growth! #business #entrepreneur #strategy #business #strategy #entrepreneur #repost

PS: We had a full house tonight with our second Introduction meeting. Our Tuesday evening group now doubled and premises are too small.  We are so excited to see the amount of people that are hungry for success.

Miskyah Toth