In a momentous celebration of Women’s Day, our esteemed CEO, Miskyah Toth, took center stage as a Guest Speaker at a prestigious event hosted by Dynamique Events at the beautiful Alluvia Boutique Winery. With an audience of beautiful women eager to be inspired, Miskyah shared her extraordinary journey to success, offering invaluable insights and empowering women to pursue their dreams relentlessly. As the event unfolded, Miskyah captivated the audience with her compelling story of perseverance and determination. She began by recounting her humble beginnings, highlighting the challenges she had encountered along the way. Her journey was marked by obstacles and setbacks, but she painted them as stepping stones towards personal growth and professional success. Through her narrative, she showcased the power of resilience and the belief in one’s abilities. Throughout her speech, Miskyah emphasised the importance of nurturing ambition and embracing passion. She shared how her unwavering ambition fueled her drive to push beyond perceived limitations and strive for excellence. Her story served as a reminder that success is not solely determined by external circumstances but by an individual’s unyielding commitment to their aspirations. By sharing her own experiences, Miskyah encouraged women to believe in their dreams and pursue them fearlessly.
One of the most inspiring aspects of Miskyah’s journey was her ability to overcome adversity. She candidly shared the obstacles she faced, including gender biases, societal expectations, and self-doubt. Her vulnerability resonated deeply with the audience, as many could relate to the struggles and barriers encountered on their own paths. Through her relatable anecdotes, Miskyah instilled hope and a sense of empowerment, assuring women that they have the resilience to triumph over any challenges they may encounter. Highlighting the significance of mentorship and support networks, she acknowledged the mentors
and allies who had believed in her potential and provided guidance along her journey. Furthermore, she encouraged women to seek mentorship, build networks, and surround themselves with individuals who uplift and inspire. By fostering a culture of support and collaboration, she emphasised that success becomes attainable for all.
As Miskyah shared her story, she emphasised the importance of using one’s success to empower others. She spoke passionately about the responsibility of leaders to create inclusive environments that foster growth and equality. Her belief in the power of lifting others up was contagious, inspiring the audience to become catalysts for change within their own spheres of influence. Her words served as a reminder that true success lies not only in personal achievements
but also in empowering and uplifting others to achieve their fullest potential..

The Women’s Day event became an unforgettable milestone as Miskyah took the stage and shared her remarkable journey to becoming successful. Through her inspiring words, she instilled a sense of courage, resilience, and determination in all who were present. Her story served as a beacon of hope, reminding women that they are “iron in satin”, no matter the obstacles they face. As we reflect on her powerful message, let us embrace our ambitions, support one another, and continue to strive for success, knowing that our paths are illuminated by the inspiring journey of this exceptional woman.

The day in essence was a success and we would like to send a special thank you to all the phenomenal women that attended this spectacular event. We would like to also express our gratitude to our sponsors that made this event such a success; Alluvia Boutique Winery, Eikestad Nuus,
Strand Golf Club, Helderberg FM, and Eikenhof Wine Estate.