I don’t know about you, but I have found that life if full of prisons that are waiting to trap us into something that we are not supposed to be. The greatest struggle for me was to become who I am supposed to be.

Today, looking back, I see that even from a young age, I became someone that others wanted me to be. Circumstances and people’s opinions formed me into the person I became. The day I realized that the person inside me looks different from the one formed over years, I entered the greatest battle of my life. First, I had to become extremely honest and dig down deep to get to the real me. Believe me, this is not an easy task. I lived a life that made others “happy”, yet, I was so uncomfortable in it that depression was probably the only outcome to such a hypocritical lifestyle. Truth is, others were never really “happy” with it either, because how on earth does anyone know what another person’s passion and destiny is. We all just try our best. Parents don’t mean to form little puppets, yet it makes them feel safe…in control. However, that little “puppet”, mommy dearest, may have the potential of a packet of dynamite, waiting to explode and change nations…keeping them locked up in our safe view of their future is not always the best for them and those they are meant to impact.

When we want to impart ourselves into our children and not respect the powerful, unique purpose on their own lives, we create a prison for them. We do not inherit purpose, it is a very personal thing that we are born with and must find out for ourselves. Those things that make us “tick”, those things that make us unique, that is found in purpose. It is like our fingerprint…we don’t share the same one with someone else because there were no more patterns left. No, think about it, people are still born, every single day and they still have a unique set of fingerprints! Imagine that, how many different patterns can be made on a single fingertip? Yet, none are the same! It’s the same with purpose…it is unique.

I encourage you to get into you purpose. Find out what it is. I believe that one of the main causes for deep unhappiness and even depression is that we are not where we are supposed to be. Do not let a man-made prison keep you in a place that was never meant for you. It is not worth it. The real you, is a part of a puzzle that is so needed for the completion of this earth…just as you will die with your fingerprint and no-else will ever inherit it, your purpose will die with you, if you don’t make a quality decision to change and live that which you have been created for.

Go for it!

Until next time, Miskyah.