Become an Ambassador


Should you be interested in becoming an ambassador, or you would like to nominate someone as an ambassador, this is the information you should have:

Who is an ambassador?

  • A woman with the desire in her heart to influence her community and those around her.
  • A woman that has a desire to become part of a group of women, a family of women that are likeminded.

What we provide under the Woman for Change banner?

  • A platform enabling you to communicate your message to the world.
  • An opportunity to be a featured ambassador.
  • We keep you accountable for your actions and your message of change.
  • We may introduce volunteers who do not want to be driving their own vision as ambassador to you, to support you in what you do.
  • We share thoughts, ideas and practical ways with you on how to get it done!
  • Our brand covers a wide spectrum and we want those who see it, to know immediately it stands for good, positive change.

What do we need from you?

  • You must positively be influencing your community.
  • What you do should at all times be based on good, sound values and morals.

What is the next step?

If you are interested in applying or nominating someone, please get in touch with us on and we will put the wheels in motion.