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About Miskyah.com


Miskyah.com is part of the Business Directive Development Group. Miskyah Toth formed this group in 2012 and as CEO very excited to see the growth as it extends to women in Woman for Change, Let’s Talk Business for SME owners as well as the powerful part we play in the Corporate world through Global Lead Consulting, a IT resource company which supplies excellent service to the Corporate Industry.

Miksyah has been passionately involved in SME development for the past 14 years. After graduating from the University of Pretoria, Miskyah entered the corporate world as a Human Resource Manager in the retail industry. She found her passion for business in the corporate jungle and realized that making a profit for her employers is what makes her tick. After many successful years, Miskyah heard the calling in her heart in 2002 to assist entrepreneurs to become successful in their endeavors.

She started a research program in previously disadvantaged areas around Cape Town as well as mentorship and training programmes for young entrepreneurs. In 2004 she was spotted in the local newspapers by an International organization, Swisscontact and approached to participate in a program for Business Development Officers. During this time, she was tried and tested to the bone as she lost her car in an accident, only to find out the insurance was not in place. This led to her experiencing the difficulties that so many of our own entrepreneurs have to face. With no family in Cape Town and very little money available, she made use of the cheapest public transport available to continue her participation in the project.

As a divorcee and a single mother of two, she experienced how it feels to wake up in the morning, not knowing how to make sure your kids are fed, how they will get to school, how she will continue on the conquest she started with so much passion. She soon discovered that an answer arrives every day. So she continued with the project for nine long months. Then she tasted the sweet taste of success. As a winner of this project, she could buy herself a car and restore the money she had lost.

During this year she was also nominated as Nedbank Business Woman of the year. Miskyah continued her consulting in the SME industry and assisted many to get back on track while cultivating the passion for sound governance in their businesses as well as the love for the environment we live in.

She hosted various programs on radio of which her business focus programmes became very popular. Miskyah’s heart’s desire is to speak to the heart of business owners. She realizes that difficult economic phrases mean very little when you have to make a living and provide for a family. Entrepreneurs from different walks of life enjoyed participating in her programmes.

Not only is Miskyah reaching out to entrepreneurs but also to women with the Woman for change ambassador’s program. Miskyah started the Womon for Change program in 1995. Her vision is to help ladies to be strong and learn how to reach out to other women.

In 2008, Miskyah experienced the difficulties of the Global Economic crises in her business as many SME businesses could just not find the means any longer to pay for a business mentor. She realized that if we want to survive we would need to dig even deeper, be more diligent, more organized and certainly more flexible in our businesses. We have to think out of the box, we have to find our own creativity once again and passionately move forward if we are to succeed!

Miskyah was approached to start a company called Global Lead Consulting for its owners in February 2013. Today, 4,5 years later, the company has over 150 employees nationally and internationally and is still expanding rapidly, doubling its number of employees and turnover in 2016.

Grateful for the success she has made after many setbacks, Miskyah decided to give back to those who may be facing the same challenges in life and business and she started Miskyah.com. The purpose of this division of our group, is to encourage, train and equip others to succeed in their life given purpose so that they can also do the same for those around them.


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