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Miskyah-Marie Toth

Managing Director at Business Directive Development Group

Proud mother of Dean & Michael. Heading Business Directive IT Infrastructure, Let’s Talk Business, Woman for Change and

Corporate Profile

Miskyah completed a BA (Soc) Sc. Degree, a BMin degree and her Masters in Ministry.

Miskyah firmly believes that she has been strategically positioned right through her life, during good and bad times, to become all that she needs to be so that she can positively influence those around her. She has come to the realization that great leadership is developed through humility and courage. Her objective: to live each moment to the full.

Miskyah is not only a public speaker, she is also a business woman that is managing various successful businesses. She is passionate about the sustainability of business and development of owners and managers. After experiencing the pressure of a fluctuating economy, realized that for business people to make a success they need to be stronger than ever. Public speaker to encourage business owners and managers.

Miskyah is the kind of woman who is leading the way for all other women – standing up and making an impact in the corporate world.

She was nominated Business woman of the year by Nedbank in 2004 and in the same year won an International award from Swisscontact for her business acumen. She has hosted various radio programs over the last decade which focused on predominantly business -related matters. To give back to society, she heads an organisation called Woman for Change which has a vision to inspire and encourage women to reach their full potential and positively influence their own environments.

After a very successful 5 years as general manager at Global Lead Consulting, Miskyah has ventured into managing her own IT Infrastructure company in 2018.

What is your message to business owners out there:

  • Never give up, but make sure you are always current and on the right track.
  • Sometimes things go wrong to send us a message we must change something or ourselves.
  • Talk less, listen more.
  • Let customer feedback fuel you to be better, not to give up.
  • Be sensitive to your surroundings.
  • Know your strengths.
  • Understand the risks you take.
  • Through careful planning and with a destination in mind you can lead your team to truly great things.


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